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        What Is UniGrades?

        UniGrades is a tool for students who are studying higher education within the UK. Some of it's features include:

        Calculate your grades using the UK university grading system.
        Determine what grades you need in the future to get that 1st!
        It's free and it always will be.



        9th Nov 2019

        Domain redirect fix.

        • Introduced a new redirect system to fix some broken redirects, for example when visiting the old website at unigrades.co.uk


        4th Nov 2019

        Legacy users migration.

        • Moved all users from the old website over to the new current website.


        30th Oct 2019

        GDPR cookie compliance.

        • Changed cookie storage process for robust GDPR compliance.


        22nd Oct 2019

        DashLane bug fix.

        • Fixed the bug preventing DashLane Chrome Extension users from creating courses.


        20th Oct 2019

        Complete rebuild of the UniGrades website. Now uses far more advanced technology to provide a smoother, faster and better experience for the student.

        • New design and appearance using original theme colours.
        • Made website mobile friendly. Previous version did not adapt to smaller screens.
        • Drastic increase in speed of all website pages and functionality using a new more efficient system.
        • Removed course limit of 1. Students can now add multiple courses to their account.
        • Grouped courses together to provide students with more features specific to their course.
        • Removed module limit of 12 as some courses appeared to use more than this.


        1st Jan 2015

        First version of the UniGrades website.

        • Created grade calculator.
        • Created target grade calculator feature.
        • Added workload progress bar.
        • Introduced a work calendar.
        • Added deadline reminders via email or text.
        • Created the degree information page.