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About Us

UniGrades is a tool for students who are studying higher education (e.g university) within the UK.

It allows students to store their grades, track their progress and calculate their overall grade. Future features are due to include deadline reminders and a calendar system.

UniGrades is free to use, for any student.


Construction of UniGrades started in 2013 by an engineering student studying in Sheffield. But the first version wasn't officially released until 1st January 2015.

About a year after release it became apparent that there were significant flaws in the first build and it was decided that the website needed a complete overhaul. After a long time of development, version 2 of the website was released in October 2019 and featured significant improvements. You can see the change log for more details on this.


Currently UniGrades is an adaptive website so it can be used in 99% of browsers and on any modern device that has an internet connection. In the future there will be plans to develop an app version and possibly even offline usability.