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The following definitions apply to these terms and conditions:

  • "UniGrades": UniGrades Ltd and all other holding or subsidiary companies.
  • "The website": All pages, content, databases, software, code and graphics within the unigrades.uk domain and hosting server.
  • "The user": The person, company or organisation which is engaged in activity on the website.

Data Usage Policy

This data usage policy governs how user information is collected, used, stored, shared and disclosed on the website.

  1. UniGrades may collect and store any information supplied by the user up until the user opts to delete their account.
  2. UniGrades may use information supplied by the user to operate, maintain and provide website features and functionality to the user's experience.
  3. At no point will UniGrades intentionally share or disclose the user's personal information, unless permitted by the user or we are required to by UK or international law.
  4. We accept no responsibility for the theft, loss, manipulation or disclosure of the user's information UniGrades stores.
  5. UniGrades may store cookies on the user's device and access them in order to provide certain functions or features on this website. However, for the user's safety, any sensitive information stored as a cookie is always encrypted first.
  6. Any passwords that the user provides is immediately encrypted with a one way hashing algorithm before transfer to storage. At no point will UniGrades have access to original user passwords.
  7. UniGrades may use the user's email addresses or phone number as a means of contact for: deadline reminders, changes to terms and conditions, changes to account data, important information updates and opportunities relevant to the user.
  8. At any point, the user has the right to permanently delete their account and any information that they have supplied to UniGrades. (For information on how to do this visit the "My Account" section upon login)

Conditions Of Use

The following applies to all activity on the website.

  1. UniGrades does not guarantee a continuous error free, virus free, secure operation and access to this website, the user's account and any information available in connection therewith.
  2. UniGrades accept no responsibility for any policies, terms or conditions for any third parties linked to within the contents of the website.
  3. UniGrades reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any point.
  4. UniGrades accept no responsibility for the user's academic performance. The website is to be used as a GUIDE only and no statistics should be assumed as fact. For this reason, no statistic on the website should be used for non-personal reference. If a student wishes to acquire a predicted grade they should contact their academic institution.
  5. The website is suitable for any audiences that have previously, currently or recently attended an official UK degree course.

Disputes or Queries

If anything in the above terms and conditions is not fully understood or you simply have a question about a specific point then please let us know by visiting the Contact Us page.